Welcome to Thomas Chen Finance! We strive to be the one-stop platform to educate and empower individuals to build their wealth and achieve their financial goals!

Our Philosophy

Our System

The 3 M-s Financial Coaching system is created to educate and empower individuals to achieve their financial goals. The 3 M-s represents Mindset, Mastery and Management. Each of the components is as essential to the others in terms of educating and empowering individuals effectively and powerfully. We focus on all three components to create the best results for our clients.

Our Ecosystem

Thomas Chen Finance is a subsidiary of Thomas Chen International, a parent company to business subsidiaries providing speaking, training and coaching services, with the common vision of empowering and educating clients to build their wealth and achieve their financial goals.
The following are subsidiaries of Thomas Chen International: Thomas Chen Finance, Thomas Chen Entrepreneur Academy, Thomas Chen Breakthrough Institute

Speaking, Training & Coaching programs available:
1) Financial Management (Optimal mindsets and practices to effectively and systematically manage our finances)
2) Business Growth (For entrepreneurs, sales people and self-employed to create and bring businesses to the next level)
3) Life Mastery (Develop high performance habits and systems for us to function at the next level)

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