Our Founder

⭐Personal Wealth Coach⭐

Thomas is a Personal Wealth Coach and Planner.

Many of us desire financial success, be it having a comfortable lifestyle or achieving financial freedom. Complementing wealth coaching with wealth planning, Thomas empowers his clients to achieve their desired financial goals by having the optimal mindsets and practices towards wealth building and management while reinforcing it with bespoke financial portfolios.

Using this two pronged approach, he has helped many individuals achieve their financial goals effectively and systematically.

He is the author of numerous books such as “Personal Finance Guide for Fresh Graduates” and “Building your Dream Retirement”. He has given keynote speeches and seminar sharing to thousands of people on personal finance and money management.

He has a keen interest towards finance since he was a student in Nanyang Technological University and served as the Financial Controller of his residential hostel. He has also endeavored on numerous leadership roles such as the Chairperson of Tampines East CC Youth Executive Committee as well as established collaborations with many corporations to bring his leadership skills and business acumen to the next level.

Upon graduation, he developed his craft and made it his mission to educate people on the intricate and delicate concepts of personal finance. Integrating the financial knowledge gained from a wide array of finance courses and professional certifications with the communication and presentation skills acquired from Toastmasters, he has helped many individuals develop their personal finance management and achieve their financial goals.

For more information, do drop a text or call to +65 90882004.