Personal Coaching Services

Our personal coaching services are customized and personalized to empower individuals to build their wealth and achieve their financial goals with the holistic development of mindset, mastery and management.

We have two main types of personal coaching services:
1) One-to-one immersive personal coaching (per session)

2) 4-week transformational coaching programs

One-to-one immersive personal coaching (per session)
Here is what you can experience from these one-to-one  immersive personal coaching:
* Achieve clarity about your current financial position as well as your long term and short term financial goals
* Deep understanding about your relationship and affinity with money management
* Install optimal mindset and practices to empower you to achieve your financial goals

* Strategic planning and implementing of actionable steps for you to progress towards your financial goals

4-week transformational coaching programs
Here is what you can experience from these transformational coaching programs:
* 4 weeks of specially designed hands-on modules crafted based on individual programs as seen below
* Tailored materials and worksheets to guide you through the modules of each program
* Immersive one-to-one personal coaching sessions to guide you through the program 

* Lifetime support after program to continuously guide you in your journey of transformation.

Systematic Goal Builder

Many of us have financial goals – some of us wants to buy a new house, some of us wants to start a big family and some of us wants to retire early. However, more often than not, many do not establish an effective system to guide them towards their goals and achieve them.

In this program, you will be able to:

*Identify and bring out your inner purpose towards financial management and goals

*Chart and construct your short, middle and long term financial goals in a realistic and relatable manner reinforced by your inner purpose

*Analyse your current financial position holistically and strategize accordingly to close the gap between your current financial state and your desired financial goals

*Design and implement a systematic step-by-step action plan for you to progress towards your financial goals

* Implement a strong review and feedback system to ensure that you are constantly on track to your goals

Income Streams Builder

Research has shown that millionaires, on average, have at lease seven streams of income. This program is specially designed to empower both employees and self-employed to create multiple sources of income to complement their main source, without having to give it up. Regardless for diversification or passion, new income streams created through this program can accelerate your progress towards your financial goals!

In this program, you will be able to:

*Discover the different types of active and passive income streams applicable for you and your current life stage

*Deep dive into the skillset and knowledge which you already have and explore on how you can monetize them to create additional sources of income

*Create a systematic action plan to create your new income streams to complement your main one

Money Maximiser Mindset

“Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.”  We see that some millionaires are able to recover their wealth quickly after failed business ventures while some lottery winners losing their fortune and going broke in a short time. Why is this so? This is all because of their mindset towards money. Our mindset towards to money influence the way we live our life, the decisions we make, our financial habits as well as what we will have and do not have.

In this program, you will be able to:

*Uncover and uninstall money mental blocks holding you back from reaching your financial potential

*Adjust your deep belief towards money so that you are mentally primed to achieve your desired financial success

*Explore and understand the traits and advantages of having the Money Maximiser Mindset

*Install and integrate the Money Maximiser Mindset with a series of powerful and immersive exercises

*Create a positive and conducive environment to reinforce the Money Maximiser Mindset in you

*Take massive actions, driven by the Money Maximiser Mindset, towards your desired financial success

Master Money!

Many are financially successful because they have learnt how to MASTER MONEY. Explore a wealth of proven financial practices used by the financially successful, and learn how we can integrate them into your life smoothly. Some of these practices have been work on for years before implementation and by mastering them through this program, we will get a massive head start! Emulate to elevate our current financial status.

In this program, you will be able to:

*Explore into these financial practices which have made individuals financially successful

*Explore how you can integrate these practices into your life so that you can emulate and replicate the financial success of others

*Solidify your financial foundation with these practices and ensure that you will continuously practice them smoothly and seamlessly

Financial Guide Towards Adulthood 

Just graduated and feeling lost on where to start? Unsure of which financial areas to look out for? Fret not! This program is created to help students and fresh graduates develop a profound understanding of the important aspects for financial management so that they can step into adulthood with clarity and confidence.

In this program, you will be able to:

*Learn about how you can build your financial portfolio comprehensively and holistically

*Understand different mandatory financial schemes which you can use to your advantage

*Eliminate any loan or debts incurred efficiently and effectively

*Learn how to negotiate in different situations to gain more financial advantage

*Plan and implement strategies for your future large purchases

Create Your Dream Retirement

Retirement has always been a hot topic. Many of us want to stop working, or perhaps work at one’s own freedom and pace, one day. However, many of us are also unprepared to transit to this phase in life. Whether we are in our 20-s or in our 50-s, this program can help us live our retirement dreams.

In this program, you will be able to:

*Understand the concept of “Retirement” and how to experience a meaningful and fulfilling one

*Learn and avoid the costly mistakes when it comes to planning for one’s retirement

*Design your dream retirement, something you will deeply resonate with

*Evaluate your current financial status, calculate the amount required to build your dream retirement and create a personalized plan to progress towards it